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Monday, February 27, 2006


for the past 6 months i, along w/ other ppl, have had a serious illness called senioritis. now i have had this disease since i was a freshman.... but it was a very mild case. as time progressed it became worse and worse, as most illnesses do. The only bad thing about this illness is, however, there is no immediate cure... the only cure i guess is long term,,, and that is graduation. You know what that means.... i still have three months to live with this horrible disease... o well i guess if ive gone 4 years i can go three months.... i dont know if you guys remember that song " killing me softly" well thats what this disease reminds me of. anyways....
....................now that i have rambled on and on about senioritis i must mention other things that have been on my mind lately or just things i feel like writing... i must agree w/ joe's post i read today about pastor king. this man is seriously the best guy in the world. i agree 110% with Joe. He is the only man in that school that seems to have a connection with students. Now to be quite honest he used to scare the crap out of me.... i remember the first time i met him, he was a substitute for mr harmless' bible class.... and he sat on someone cuz they were talkin... AHHHH lol looking back now it is hilarious. but for those of you who dont know who i am talking about... pastor king is a huge irish man that could kick anyones butt just by looking at them and saying " Boo" lol seriously... but he has the biggest heart, and he is soo Godly... i look up to him soo much and i love him alot.... i dont think he knows how much i or anyone else appreciates him ---i will miss him alot next year also...if you guys feel the same way about pastor king that joe and i do.... tell him so this week.
.... well what does everyone think about this whole chicken pox thing thats breakin out amongst the varsity ballers.??? haha okay well to be quite honest i think its hilarious... i mean not that they are in agony...and iching all over but just the way it all came about... it was soo predictable it would happen this way once jared got it.... haha naa i really hope they do well in their games this week... and to the lady ballers... i love you guys and you played magnificant on saturday... no matter what the scoreboard said!
....my mom challenge me a few weeks ago to start noticing little things in yourr day that make a difference,,,, like ppl that say things to cheer you up or just little things God does to brighten your day.... so ive noticed a few ppl that have blessed me lately... one is that jared walsh.... what a kid. i love first hour accounting because of him, he always has a smile on his face... and when im frustrated ( mostly after i come back from dress check) he just looks at me and smiles and says " you alright" and i always look at his paper when i dont get something and that prolly gets annoying, but he never says anything... he just helps me.... that adrienne has herself a good man....lol...another blessing is chad musser, now chad is just like me in a boys body...lol i know i know thats scary when you think about it but seriously we get alot of the same grades on stuff and we laugh about the same kind of things.... and he is just kinda a sight for sore eyes sometimes..... that kaitlyn has herself a good man..lol...another is rebecca thomas.... i know she doesnt know this but i really look up to her alot... and i think she is so good at what she does... she has soo much goin on in her life yet she still manages to keep a smile on her face and knows how to relate to everyone... shes a great girl. those are just a few of the many ppl that bless me everyday and dont know it...
anways i am tired and i still have english cards to do.. but knowing me i wont do them til tomorrow during 2nd hour anyways... lol o well gnight everyone

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ooooooo the pressure

welp its been about 2 weeks since ive blogged last...but i have an exuse.... my computer sucks... and ive been busy... but i decided to go ahead and blog since people at school were starting to bug me about it. well the last 2 weeks have been craziness. ive been soo busy with school that im about to pull my hair out.... and i always told myself that after i get accepted to college im gonna stop caring about high school and im not gonna study at all.... well ive been accepted to college.... and the weird thing is.... i feel almost like i care more about it now than i did last year or the year before that.... anyways... ive actually been studyin quite a bit... and its playing off.... for example.... i have like an A in Anatomy right now... AN A! thats like amazing for me... and thats the hardest class i have..... but anyways i feel stressed alot... and when i get stressed i get knots in my back.... and it hurts....lol but anyways i figure since i havent blogged forever i could just give you all a brief summary of what ive done over the past 2 weeks... would ya like that? good
On friday december 2nd i took my first anatomy test that i studied my butt off for and i got an 87... which is worse than i thought id do, but when i think about it , its alot better than what i usually do.. so eh im happy.... then saturday i went with emily and her boyfriend gary to anderson to see jeremy sing in his christmas program.... it was so fun! after jerm was done with the concert em and gar drove my car home and i rode w/ jeremy... and the guys took us to texas road house... where we all ordered the exact same thing and made fun of our waitress...i had fun and it snowed
On saturday i cleaned the house and worked on my micro paper.... then later that evening jeremy and i went to the living nativity at school.... then we went shopping
sunday i went to church and then came home, watched the colts, and worked on my micro paper... later that night i went to jeremy's to help his family set up and decorate their christmas tree..... i love his family.... we also ate chicken natchos and watched the christmas story
Monday and tuesday i helped in the makeup crew at church for the christmas play
Wednesday i worked at brunos :))
Thursday was a wonderful day because we were suupose to get snow... and that we did! we got like 6 inches or somethin.... and everything was canceled for the night.... including our choirs performance at the mall which i was dreading
Friday.... was WONDERFUL! we had a snow day... which never happens at our school.....but anyways i slept in and ate a big breakfast....then i did what no one wants to do on their day off... clean... but i did it and i got it doen so i would have a more enjoyable weekend. After that i went to the church to do makeup up for the play once again... then i met emily at her house and we drove to jenni's in laffy for a sleepover... the purpose of the sleepover was to bake some food for mrs. B's christmas present... but we got done w/ all that about 1030 so we had the rest of the night to goof off... and that we did.... we told ghost stories for a few hours of the night and freaked oursleves out.... then we watched mr and mrs smith which was retarded.... well i must say i probably thought it was retarded because i didnt watch most of it... emily j , rausch, and i were laughing and making fun of jenni the whole time... well were were makin fun of other ppl too but we wont mention who they might be.
Saturday... i was tired cuz i hardly got any sleep friday night.... thats another story in itself.... but em and i left after we got stuck in jenni's driveway.... i went to jeremys til about 1 then we went to the church to see the christmas play.... then i went to work.... at work i had a nice time talkin to josh ( jeremy's brother) about politics and religion. he had alot of different views than im used to but i was glad to talk to someone who didnt necessarily agree w/ me... i dont get that very often.... hes a pretty cool guy.... anyways on my way home i got stuck in the snow out in the middle of the country without a cell phone. i always have my cell phone but just this once i didnt...and yes the one time i dont have it is the one time i really need it... but after like 15 minutes of tryin to get out by myself i decided to get up the courage and walk to a house across road.... it was old and kinda junky but the lights were on and i needed a phone to call home.... so i knocked onn the door and a really freaky guy answered.... i explained my situation and he said i could use the phone.... so i walked in and it was all smokey and gross inside.... they had like ten dogs and they were all jumpin on me and barkin like crazy.... well as i was about to dial home the lady there mentioned that i could only use local calls..i was prayin to God my parents would be home but after i got the answering machine i remembered they were in town... but i culdnt call their cells... so as i was tryin to think quick so i could get out of that creepy house i decided to call shawn... cuz i remember telling him a while back that if i ever needed help i would call him.... so i did and a few minutes later him and his dad came to dig me out.... ill tell ya what it took everything i had not to bust out in tears over that whole situation ... but after i got home jeremy came over and we fell asleep on the couch til about 1230.... the he went home and i went to bed
sunday i went to church and then went to see my gma in mulbury... then jeremy came over and we watched the colts game with my parents.... we both fell asleep on the floor again....lol.... then about 430 we went to see chronicles of narnia... which i must say was a fantasic movie.... i didnt really wanna see it cuz i thought i looked stupid and i dont like those weird type movies... but i really liked it alot and im actually plannin on seeing it again on wednesday... after the movie jerm packed up his stuff, took me home, then left for school

so yea thats kinda an overview of my last too weeks... i was gonna include assignments and tests but that would have been an endless post.....im tired now so until next time.... crap i dunno what unil next time.... ummm until next time.... SCHOOL SUCKS :))

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


everyone has them.... everyone cringes when people do them.... webster defines annoyance as -to irritate or bother as by a repeated action. now lets just stop with that. it says by a repeated action. if someone were to do one thing just once... that irritated me ... it wouldnt qualify as an annoyance...its when people continually do things over and over and over and over and over and over again.... until you are soo fed up with it, that you begin to dread being with that person, or seeing that person in the hall, or talking to them on the phone, or whatever the case may be. sometimes just people and their personalities are an annoyance in themselves... ill be quite honest there is a girl at my school - who will remain nameless- that just annoys the crap out of me... its not anything she really has done its just her personality i cant stand. now i know that sounds horrible.... but everyone has someone they cant stand... if your reading this right now... think of that one person you cant stand..... have they come to your mind yet? got it? good. see i told ya everyone has them. okay now we must talk about annoyances that arent in people.... but places.... maybe a job, a church, a school, maybe it annoys you when you have to go to the bathroom. (( i think its annoying to use the bathroom.....:)) yep.... everyone has those too.... personally working concessions at school really annoys me... i dont know why really -i just hate doing it. and also latley ive been gettin annoyed with choir.... i just really dislike standing there for 45 minutes singing song after song and parts after parts... ugh.... okay.... so anyways- weve covered people that annoy us, places that annoy us, now maybe we should talk about things that annoy us. now this is more difficult because things arent alive, however, they can still annoy you. like outfits.... how many of you have a shirt that doesnt fit your body right? like its too streched out around the bottom or too saggy around your armpits.... that annoys me alot... how about when your in the bathroom and you go to wipe and you have maybe 1 1/2 little squares of toilet paper left? or maybe in my case.... my car. now i have several things wrong w/ my car. #1 - my automatic locks dont work, therefore i have to lock all my doors by hand. #2 my over head light doesnt work- so i have to go out to my car when its dark and use my cell phone to gimme some light. #3- my horn doesnt work... so when i see someone i know i cant honk at them and wave... now theres a few more things about my car that doesnt work right but we wont mention those because a certain special someone accidently messed them up... but thats okay:) anyways.... i just wanted to post a blog on annoyances... because i have alot... and today i just got to thinking about them... and think about this -since ppl can sometimes annoy you... im sure you can annoy some ppl too... so when ppl start dropping you hints that your annoying... steer clear of them... okay? okay

Sunday, November 27, 2005


hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving... mine was very nice... i went to jeremys family on thanksgiving day then my family celebrated ours today... and my GRANDMA got to come home... for those who dont know my gma has been in the hospital since july 4th... and right now shes in a nursing home temporarly...but anyways she got to come home for the day... and jeremy sang for her... it was cute. anyways the latest news of my life... i got another job.... im technically still an employee at walmart... but i took a leave of absence for school... they said i could come back for christmas time... so i went back a few weeks ago and they said they really didnt need me for the holidays.... which is crap... because i dont know how many times ive been to walmart and they have three registers open and they have lines to the back of the store... but whatever i got a better job this weekend... i am now an employee at brunos pizzeria...lol yes i know i know my boyfriends dad owns the store... but thats an advantage. tonite was my first night.. i got to work w/ jeremy... i only messed up like twice... hey twice in 5 1/2 hours isnt bad...especially for my first night. anyways i need to start puttin money back for christmas... i wanna buy my sweetie a real nice present... well im bored.... its late.... adios

Monday, November 21, 2005

Good ole Hymns

i havent written in a few days... and thats okay... it makes it more interesting when i take a few days off right?? right.

well anyways yesterday jeremy and i were talkin about some things I was struggling w/ in my life latley- and certain thoughts and emotions i felt. we were talkin about what kind of things might being causing them. i couldnt seem to figure it out... but then it dawned on me that i had been listening to some crappy music latley....now ive never been one to think music really had much effect on the thinkin process....but after i thought about it more i realized that i had began thinkin and acting alot like what my music lyircs were describing. ugh.... so jeremy, being the wonderful boyfriend he is... encouraged me to put away my non christian music for a while and just start listening to all my christian music.... now that is hard for me... cuz im a sucker for some good rap music.... but i figure i could try it out for a month or so.... and listen to only christian music... and see if that effects my thinking at all.... if it does... then ill know for sure that music does effect how you act and how you think...im pretty sure i know the answer to that though....

so today i took out all my old christian cds and decided to listen to some old songs i used to love... well i came across alot that i remembered but one cd i am listening to has a contemporary version of the hymn-- I Surrender All -- and after listening to it a million times... i just decided that i love that hymn.... and ive had it in my head all day!

All to Jesus I surrender
all to him I freely give
I will ever love and trust him
in his presence daily live.
I surrender all
I surrender all
All to thee my blessed Savior
I surrender all.
All to Jesus I surrender
humbly at his feet I bow
worldly pleasures all forsaken
take me, Jesus, take me now
I surrender all
I surrrender all
All to thee my blessed Savior
I surrender all

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

my special someone

i am goin to take the time and write a little bit about my " significant other" - jeremy. to those of you who dont know i have been dating an amzing guy for 6 months now... i know six months doesnt seem like very long... but it really is just enough time get to know a wonderful person.... now i will try my best not to get all gushy... but bare w/ me i get carried away sometimes... jeremy and i met when we were only about 6 and 7 years old... we went to the same babysitter's. (( i was a tom boy and he came up to me one day and asked if i was a boy or a girl... cute huh? NO! i slapped him)) anyways after we were older i lost contact w/ him and didnt see him until he started coming to my church about 4 years ago, i really didnt notice him that much until he got up in front of the church one sunday and sang. I am telling you, at that moment i had chills on my arms.... his voice was amazing... at that point i kinda had my eye on him.... i didnt really tell anyone, but i just thought i would personally watch him a little closer... well as time went on i kept my eye on him but other girls always seemed to like him too so i didnt really bother..but to make the long story shorter, we began to talk a little more here and there and we became better friends... well at the end of this last march, he told me he needed a prom date, and wondered if i would like to come w/ him as friends... well i agreed. we decided that since we still didnt know each other very well that we would hang out more. well that we did.... from that day on we talked on the phone almost everyday. and we hung out almost every weekend. i was starting to like him. on my birthday april 29, jeremy took me on our first date to don paublo's... we then went to sacred grounds for a while and listened to some great bands.... he was planning a special walk in the park or somethin but it was pouring so we decided to just go back to my house and watch a movie... so that we did and he even surpirsed me w/ a small little muffin that had a candle lit in it and i blew it out while he sang happy birthday. we watched a movie and held hands for the first time. thats when i knew i was falling for him. a week later jeremy and i went to prom and we had a great time.... i dont think it was the prom that was so great, but us just being togther.... we have a blast togther :) that night... may 7th jeremy asked me out at 3:15 am ( i guess technically it was may 8th but o well) and that was the start of our wonderful relationship! haha okay sorry if i am being sappy... but seriously i have never been happier... he is everything i have ever wanted in a guy and more! i thank God everyday for showing me such an awesome guy....i pray that our relationship continues and we have an even better future! so yea just thought id share that w/ everyone! oh yea... and i still get goosbumps when he sings! hahah- i love you jeremy!
PS>>to jared walsh--- i know youll appreciate stuff like this someday! haha
PPS>> if you have any negative comments about this post... dont comment...keep it to yourself! thanks :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

rainy day... a little kenny chesney and a broken toe

what a rainy nasty dark creepy day! i woke up this morning looked out my window and all i see is darkness and all i feel is dampness.lol that was a weird way to put it... o well... hey im better! i woke up feeling semi normal again... but it all went down the drain when i was walkin back to my room after i had gotten out of the shower and i stubbed my toe on my door. i didnt really think anything about it ( other than it hurt like crazy) but as the day went on it kept throbbing and throbbing.... around 10:15 i finally decided to look at it... sure enough it was all swollen and black and blue.... i went to the office for some tylenol and mrs. semmel told me she broke hers once and thats how it looked... and she said she thought mine was broken... the later i went to mrs thomas and she said it looked broken to her to, but she said not to go to the doc cuz they wont do a thing about it... so my mom is bringin home some tape and im gonna tape it up... ouch... it hurts so bad.... but besides breakin my toe i had a pretty good day... we went to mike's in micro and did my expirement, that also went well... it was a pretty boring tuesday. last night before i went to bed i watched kenny chesney's top 10 videos... i love kenny chesney... and one of my favorite songs of his is The Good Stuff... well i heard it last night and i hadnt head it for a while... and i had it in my head all day today...

Well, me an' my lady had our first big fight,
So I drove around 'til I saw the neon light.
A corner bar, an it just seemed right.
So I pulled up.Not a soul around but the old bar keep,
Down at the end an' looking half asleep.
An he walked up, an' said : "What'll it be?"I said: "The good stuff.
"He didn't reach around for the whiskey;He didn't pour me a beer.
His blue eyes kinda went misty,He said: "You can't find that here.
"'Cos it's the first long kiss on a second date.
Momma's all worried when you get home late.
And droppin' the ring in the spaghetti plate,
'Cos your hands are shakin' so much.
An' it's the way that she looks with the rice in her hair.
Eatin' burnt suppers, the whole first year,
An' askin' for seconds to keep her from tearin' up.
Yeah, man, that's the good stuff.
"He grabbed a carton of milk an' her poured a glass.
An' I smiled an' said: "I'll have some of that.
"We sat there an' talked as an hour passed,Like old friends.
I saw a black an' white picture an' it caught my stare,
It was a pretty girl with bouffant hair.
He said: "That's my Bonnie,"Taken 'bout a year after we were wed.
"He said: "Spent five years in the bottle,"When the cancer took her from me.
"But I've been sober three years now,"'Cos the one thing stronger than the whiskey:
"Was the sight of her holdin' my baby girl.
"The way she adored that string of pearls,
"I gave her the day that our youngest boy, Earl,"Married his high school love."
"An' it's a new tee-shirt saying: 'I'm a Grandpa'.
"Bein' right there as our time got small,
"An' holdin' her hand, when the Good Lord called her up,
"Yeah, man, that's the good stuff.
"He said: "When you get home, she'll start to cry.
"When she says: 'I'm sorry,' say: 'So am I.'"
An' look into those eyes, so deep in love,"An' drink it up."
'Cos that's the good stuff."
That's the good stuff.